Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Highlight of the day--Firehouse Grill in Ennis, Texas

If you are ever in the town of Ennis, Texas, head downtown. There are some interesting places there. Over the next couple of days, I am going to highlight two or three of the places we have gone to.
If you go downtown and turn right just before crossing the railroad tracks and head over a couple of blocks, you will find an old firehouse that is now a restaurant properly named, Firehouse Grill. To look at it from the outside, you might assume it's a burger place but you would be so wrong. This is a real sit down restaurant with a laid back, easy going feel to it. The waitresses are friendly and willing to let you know what their favorites are if you ask. There are fire house mementos everywhere from old to new. History teems all around you.
My family (all boys) decided that they would try the chicken fried steak. It was huge. It covered the whole plate. Not only that but it comes with two or three sides (all tasted homemade) and rolls. For once, my boys took home about half of their meal because they couldn't eat it all. That is saying a lot! I ordered the bread pudding and one of the boys ordered the chocolate pie. Both were amazing!
This restaurant is locally owned and operated. I have the privilege of going to church with the owner's brother and his family. (I didn't know that til later). If you are looking for good food that fills you up then this is definitely the place to go.

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